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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What materials can you laser?
    We can laser on most materials like wood, metal, leather, glass, and plastic except PVC. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) gives off a toxic chloride gas when burned which is harmful to the machine as well as the environment.

  • What are your maximum working dimensions?
    The laser table cutting surface is 32" X 20" X 9" deep. Some objects can be set to run in two sets allowing a 32" X 40" X 9" working surface.

  • What can the laser do?
    The laser can cut, etch, and engrave. We can cut most materials up to ½", except metals. Etching is a permanent marking which can be lasered onto most materials, even metals. Engraving is similar to etching, except it actually removes material leaving a 3D effect which can also be done on most materials including metals.

  • What type of file format do you required?
    We can convert/import most file formats. Depending on your means of reproduction some formats are better than others. If you are unsure or have a special format, please drop us a line and we can help.

  • Can you laser on round objects?
    Yes, with the rotary attachment we can laser on round objects such as bottles, glasses, bats, etc...

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Custom Engraving, Etching and Cutting

LaserArt, LLC
Boise, Idaho 
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